Pai’s water wonder

As the temperature rises, Thailand’s famous water festival- Songkran– approaches. This makes perfect timing for both the locals and tourists to enjoy a good splash. For this, many are aiming at joining major water festivals in big cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket, but there is always an alternative for those looking for a quiet get-away without missing out on the fun.

Being a tranquil little town hidden amid nature, Pai offers a splash of life and a true spirit of Songkran just like anywhere else in Thailand, except that, here in Pai, you don’t have to fight for space to breathe among all the water-crazed strangers eager to throw water at you! This year Pai municipality is organizing the event and plans to block off the whole of Rangsiyanont road in the town centre on 14th and 15th April for a wonderful water spectacular. The River Pai is another perfect place to be for anyone who is keen to cool down during this water festival, as you will be joined not only by the locals and other tourists, but also elephants!

Don’t miss out on the true spirit of Songkran! Join the locals’ bathing rituals, pouring scented water onto a Buddha image, the community’s elders as well as the respected ones, for good luck and blessings. These authentic and traditional ceremonies are held on 13th April at designated sites around the town.

If you would like to make this year’s Songkran not only memorable but also meaningful, join Pai Earth Aid 2009 and contribute to saving this sweet little town, which many love and call ‘home’. (For further details see: The event is held between 11th April and 13th April. See you in Pai.

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