Pai’s summer escape

Nestling nicely between the Thanonthongchai and Danlao mountain ranges, the temperature in the Pai valley is generally mild all year round. Come mid April, which is the hottest month of the year, day-time temperature can rocket up to nearly 40 degrees and yet the evening temperature is pleasant enough for anyone to have a good night’s sleep without the magic of air-conditioning. For those wishing to go against the trend and enjoy sharing body warmth, that is also possible even in the summer, in Pai. They just have to camp at the top of the Huy Nam Dang National Park, where the evening temperature can drop to 15 degrees even on the hottest day.

Although many have complained that Pai has become far too touristy and for that reason has lost its charm, the laid-back atmosphere and peaceful tranquility can still be enjoyed in the hot season, as many mistakenly believe that Pai can be best appreciated only in the cold season and therefore only come then. Well, the truth is if a peaceful and quiet get-away is what you expect out of a trip to Pai, anytime between March and April is ideal. Besides, such a small number of tourists during this time of the year also means that most of the hotels and resorts there have to knock their price down, leaving visitors like us with a big grin on the face and a thick pocket! So what are you waiting for? This summer’s perfect hide-away at a reasonable price awaits in Pai.

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