Coffee with a view

What is your ideal coffee break? If relishing a nice cup of coffee with a good book and/or good company while drinking in marvellous views of mountain ranges in a laid-back environment is your answer, Pai is certainly your perfect destination! Apart from all kinds of adventures and activities this peaceful village offers, Pai is also the perfect place for you to hide away from the outside bustling world and quench your thirst with that perfect cup of coffee.

Pretty much on every road in Pai stands at least one cosy coffee shop that is open between late morning and late afternoon. The two most famous coffee shops in the town that tourists can’t afford to miss are All About Coffee and Coffee In Love. All About Coffee is located on Chaisongkram Road, famous for its yummy Banofi Pai, the highlight of its menu. Coffee In Love on the outskirts of the town on the main road from Chiang Mai leading into Pai offers a variety of mouth watering desserts and good aromatic coffee with a truly breath-taking view. So next time you hunger for a memorable coffee experience, get it for yourself in Pai.

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