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The Tai ethnic minority’s desserts or snacks are one of Pai’s local authentic delights. At the municipality’s fresh market, you can explore and try as many menus as you wish. If you like it enough, you might as well carry some snacks home for friends and family. Of course, the early birds win in this game, as this is a morning market. Eight in the morning is the best time to shop here, as that is its busiest time, during which the market is teeming with a huge variety of all things edible.

The Tai’s traditional snacks include ‘Alawa’, a kind of snack made from long grain rice simmered with coconut milk and sugar cane juice, baked until the top turns brown. Other snacks are ‘Pae-yee’ and ‘Pae-loh’, which are salted, roasted, soybeans, with and without shells. Another sweet choice is called ‘Nga-Boh’. This type of snack is made from sugar cane juice, simmered until it becomes sticky and topped with sesames. Surely, these are just appetisers. A lot more awaits your discovery.

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