Seasons change but Pai doesn’t!

If a vast lush green plain, stretching out as far as your sight can behold and the wet drops of rain bringing life to scorching dry land after the peak of the hot season is what you yearn to feel, then visit Pai during its rainy season.

In Pai, rains begin to fall, vigorously, in May and stops in October, marking the longest season of the year. Despite the damp wet weather, those visiting Pai in the rainy season will be impressed with how this little valley rises again from dust, caused by heat, to eye-comforting greenery. Because of tourism trends, not many people get to see moist morning mist lingering gracefully over lush rice paddies and the overshadowing mountain range while the overall temperature remains comfortably mild.

Apart from the picturesque view, you will also get to see the locals’ unique merit making ceremonies if you visit Pai at the beginning and the end of the Buddhist Lent. Of course, there are other exciting activities such as white-water rafting for adventure lovers to enjoy as well. So, if you fancy a bit of a change, you won’t be disappointed by coming to Pai during the rainy season. Just be prepared to get wet ,stay at warm boutique hotel and keep your anti-cold medication handy though!

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