Wetting your appetite for the wet Pai!


It is officially the open season now for white water rafting in Pai. This is the very time that those who like extreme sports such as white water rafting will flock to Pai. Heavy rain early in the season – between May and June – produces driving water gusting down from the mountain and down the river which makes perfect conditions for white-water rafting.

According to the TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) the season for white water rafting begins in May and continues until October. However, the excitement does wind down with the water level towards the end of the rainy season. So, if it’s the adrenaline rush you are looking for, don’t wait until October.

Of course, life needs not be all too rough! Although most of the tourist accommodation on the river bank are likely to be closed due to the unpredictable water level, many more are available in town. You still have a wide range of choice, from boutique hotels to guest houses to rest after a bumpy, but fun ride along the river. Plus, since there aren’t that many people flocking this way during this time anyway, advance booking is not strictly necessary unless your planned visit is on a long weekend holiday or other public holidays. Then you might want to check first. Otherwise, you can be adventurous as you like. Just make sure ‘safety comes first’!

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