“Pai”- rafting in the rain


Mae Hongson’s artery, the river Pai, is bursting with energy again when the seasonal rain greets its origin, the two mountain ranges named Thanon Thongchai and Dan- Lao, with abundant amount of water. This creates the perfect condition for whitewater rafting of all levels of difficulties.

The 50-kilometre-long river, snaking through three different districts, including Pai itself, is packed with both adrenaline rushing experiences and scenic views along its whole stretch. Several dozens rapids en-route pose challenges ranging from level 1 up to level 5, or mild to extreme. Water games at the Su Sa waterfall, cave expeditions as well as mud-bathing and cliff diving are among many other highlights for adventure seekers to enjoy during their breaks from paddling.

It takes two days to complete the whole route, with an overnight stay in the jungle, allowing the crews to get back in touch with nature. However, there is a milder version for those who just fancy a taste of Pai’s excitement without losing their touch on the town’s boutique hotels.

Besides the two-day package, most tour operators also offer a one-day package, which gives a similar thrilling experience and at the same time allows you a good night sleep in a warm comfortable bed at the hotel of your choice. This way, whether you are luxurious holidaymakers or daredevil backpackers, Pai and her river can accommodate all your needs… even on the rainy day!

Note:  Rafting trips are available from local tour operator such as Pai Adventure:  Tel 053 699 385;

Mae Hongson Adventure:  Tel 0 5361 4286;  Pai in the Sky:  Tel  0 5369 8145,  0 5369 9090 

Further information on rafting in Pai and Mae Hongson is available from the local TAT’s office  via email at tatmhs@tat.or.th and on the phone at 053 612 982-3

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