“Pai” – the sleepy beauty!


“Pai” offers a wide variety of activities from dawn to dusk, but you might want to take it slow after a rough ride on the river Pai.

For early birds, a visit to the town’s morning market and a stroll along Rangsiyanon Road will surely open you to Pai’s simple way of life. There you can shop for light breakfast such as poached rice with fried dough, soya milk, grilled pork with sticky rice, coffee and even pastries.

Alternatively, you can opt for a lazy lie in and start your day by lingering over a nice cup of coffee in a comfy chair, gazing at the greenery behind curtains of raindrops, from your boutique hotel room. Then you might want to continue with the day’s laid-back atmosphere in Tha-Pai natural hot spring stream or in Tha-Pai Resort’s massive spa pool.

Come lunchtime, it’s best surveying your options in your chosen area – be it the in the town centre, by the river or with a mountain view. After lunch, grab a book and nestle back in bed for a nice read or head out to one of the many cozy coffee shops dotting the village with your favourite book.

If the ultimate relaxation and pampering are what you are looking for, check out The Quartre’s Rain-Spa for your afternoon retreat. Then head back to one of those restaurants that you eyed for at lunch but didn’t make it there and conclude your day with cool drinks and hip music at some of the town’s famous bars in the centre. What can be nicer than a day at your own pace, eh?




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