Pai hideaway


Although the cold season is still some months away, Pai remains a good choice for a quiet escape that allows you to get back in touch with nature. Plus the low season such as now during rainy season,allows you to the ultimate pleasure in Pai’s peaceful surrounding without having to worry about your wallet whether your prefered choice of accommodation is luxurious resort, mid-range or low cost hotels.

As you probably are aware, accommodation prices in Pai start from hundreds of Baht and can be as expensive as thousands. For those who fancy an economic stay, the top of Tesaban Road all the way to Chaisongkram Road through to the back of the alley behind Pai Wittayakarn School is the place to look. Accommodation in this area is mainly guesthouses with prices ranging between 200 and 500 Baht. Towards the back of Chaisongkram Road, however, stand two cozy resorts by the riverbank. These are Pai River Corner and Rim Pai Cottage. At the other end of this road, at the heart of the town, is a boutique resort called The Quarter Hotel, offering all kinds of facilities and pampering you can imagine. With such treat as The Quarter offers you won’t have to worry about the rain, as you probably wouldn’t want to leave the hotel except for a tour around town.

For those who yearn for a hip, stylish place amid nature, Yoma Hotel, an accommodation in the few thousands’ range, is worth checking out. The place doesn’t only offer modern luxuries but also has a panoramic view of Mount Mae Yen. Located on Chaisongkram Road, the place is within easy reach of town’s facilities.

Besides the two extreme ends, there are also some mid-range hotels of about a couple of thousands Baht a night in town as well. One of the kinds is Lilu Hotel, on Rangsiyanont Road. The place has all the modern facilities you can possibly imagine incorporated in an authentic wooden house and is in an easy reach of the town. Well, these are not all. Pai still has more to offer. You just have to come and explore it yourself!




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