Pai’s reminders


The lush green scenery isn’t Pai’s only specialty. Arts and crafts are another of Pai’s highlights. Pai’s open-air street market comes to life at night when vendors and artisans bring out their craftwork both for display and sale.

Being a destination of great touristic attractions and home to many ethnic minorities, artists and artisans, Pai is heaven for discerning shoppers looking for something special to take home with them. Right at the heart of the town, on its main roads, Rungsiyanon and Chaisongkram, you can find anything from designers’ handbags to trendy, handmade satchels. Handicrafts made by the hill-tribes, paintings, postcards and clothes are also popular among tourists. There are fashionable boutique and small home décor shops dotting the roads too. Some sell traditional Karen and Lisu’s intricately woven clothes; some even make use of such material and transform them into trendy bags as well as other hip products.

Of the many shops and stalls on the two main roads in town, Mu Shop, Pai republic, Mit Thai, Mom & Me, Sabaidee Gallery and Local Focus are the outstanding ones on Chaisongkram road. Sabaidee Gallery, in particular, is most popular among funky teens, offering modern arts work, posters and interesting photos. Pai Na, a shop 300m away from the bridge crossing Pai River, towards Mae Yen community, too, is becoming famous for traditional handicrafts by the local hill-tribes in the area and Khun Kob, the shop owner.

Those who desire designer labels and like to keep up with the world’s latest fashion collections will enjoy the selection available at Lilu Hotel, a small but stylish place on Rungsiyanon road. So, make sure that you leave enough space in your suitcase before heading up to Pai!




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